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Jeffrey Allen Joseph
Changed my journal back to seducedmind. I know.. You're thrilled.

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I feel this is an appropriate time for me to swear my allegiance to Dane Cook.

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Current Music: Dane Cook

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So I'm making the Infamous Linguine in White Clam Sauce. Everyone that has ever tasted the mighty clam dish has hated it. Bah.

As our dinner movie..Blood Sisters: Vamps 2! Feeling like blood and porn? This be your movie.

Current Mood: hungry
Current Music: Nelly - Air Force Ones

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Just thought I would post a list of all my DVDs. This list will be updated from time to time with any new editions. Ask about copies and I'm sure we can work something out.

Note: Entries in red are recent additions to the list.

(2002) 24 Hour Party People
(2001) Amelie
(1999) The Boondock Saints
(1997) Chasing Amy
(1994) Clerks.
(2004) Closer
(2005) Constantine
(2000) Coupling Season One
(2000) Coupling Season Two
(2000) Coupling Season Three
(2003) Danny Deckchair
(1989) Dead Poets Society
(2004) Garden State
(2002) The Emperor's Club
(1993) Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
(2005) Fever Pitch
(1995) Four Rooms
(1997) The Fifth Element
(1999) Fight Club
(1995) Hackers
(2004) Jersey Girl
(2004) Kinsey
(1998) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
(2005) The Longest Yard
(2004) The Notebook
(1999) Office Space
(2003) Party Monster
(1999) Playing By Heart
(2002) Poolhall Junkies
(1998) Run Lola Run
(1998) SLC Punk
(2000) Snatch
(2001) Stickmen
(1996) Trainspotting

If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

Current Mood: accomplished

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I just recently got my self a DVD burner and found a flawless way to build the ultimate DVD library with it for under $50 a month.

Of course the $50 assumes you already have a home computer and a DVD burner, if you dont have this you may want to take care of all that before reading on.

Step One is the Movie Subscription. There are really two roads you can go here depending on what you want to accomplish.

I am a big lover of original cover art so this post is aimed at the like minded. If you just want the movie there are certainly cheaper ways to go about this.

Hollywood Video keep the cover art in every movie that is on there shelf. They have a Movie Subscription Program that lets you rent any movie in the store except new releases. Now Blockbuster has just, in the last month or so, started putting the cover art in all the new releases. They also have a Movie Subscription Program, but under there terms you can rent absolutely any movie on the shelf.

So if you are a person who wants all the latest releases get to Blockbuster. If you want a collection of you favorite past titles try Hollywood.

Step Two buy some DVD-Rs and some empty DVD cases. In some cases they actually come together.

Also, don’t forget to stop off at Kinkos and make some color photocopies of the DVD cover art. As a little side note doing that is against Kinkos copywrite policy and a direct violation of bla bla bla.. So it is a good idea to take the cover art out of the DVD case before you go into the store.

Step Three you need to download the programs DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter. They both come with a step by step made for dummies how to instructions.

Well, that should give you a little jump into the right direction.
See more progress on: Build my DVD library

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Current Music: Nancy Sinatra - Things

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M.I.A. - Arular
Originally uploaded by HelloJeffy.
This album was born to make you move. With a sorted combo of hip-hop, Bhangra, Jamaican dancehall all propped up on an electro back bone you just can not ignore the fire M.I.A. puts into this album.

The beats are raw and edgy all the while being backed up by strong yet playful vocals making for a mind-bending multicultural mix-bag of punky reggae attitude.

All this makes Arular a must have.

Current Mood: energetic
Current Music: M.I.A. - 10 Dolla

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2. I'll tell you what song/movie reminds me of you.
3. I'll pick a flavor of jello to wrestle with you in.
4. I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me.
5. I'll tell you my first memory of you.
6. I'll tell you what animal you remind me of.
7. I'll ask you something that I've always wondered about you.

If I do this for you, you must post this on your journal.
..Or I'll eat your face..

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A little late I know.. But I just got the pictures back from Vice City night at Club Anything. Had to share.

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Current Mood: amused
Current Music: Ani DiFranco - Shy

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Bringing Out The Beef
Originally uploaded by HelloJeffy.
Went to my first Milwaukee Brewers Tailgate party-thing.. And funny enough I had an Absolute Blast. Brought out the old Webber cooked us up some beef and brats. Almost felt like "One of the boys" for a minute.

I've never really felt like one of the boys.. I rarely even get along with men.

I just don't have that Mans Man thing going on..

Anyway, I had a damn fine time.

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Current Mood: drunk
Current Music: Sublime

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Exactly one month from today M.I.A. will be playing a show at The Metro in Chicago.

Current Mood: excited
Current Music: Mad Caddies - Monkeys

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With A Rebel Yell
Originally uploaded by HelloJeffy.
You know, Yafro was good to me. I never hit that 75 picture upload limit and I never once had a problem. But there service has become quite stagnant and, quite frankly, dull.

Flickr, on the other hand, has a multitude of interesting features.. And as I hear it, more are being added just about monthly. As a matter of fact, I'm updating Live Journal from Flickr right now while adding an accompanying static photo.

And the site, given the constant feature updates, remains easy to use.

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Current Mood: anxious
Current Music: Billy Idol - Rebel Yell

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Had a blast at Club last night. Beta tested the "Call Me" shirt that has my phone number plastered on it. So far I got 4 Static filled messages and a "Your so pathetic". Haha. Good Times.

So I want to go to M.I.A. at the Metro on Sep 28. Anyone interested in joining me?

Current Mood: awake
Current Music: M.I.A. - 10 Dolla

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I am usually very against quizzes and useless shit like this, but this was so cute I couldn't pass it up..

Juggernaut Engineered for Fighting and Forbidden Yelling

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Current Music: Lamb - What Sound

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Been a busy little monkey as of late. I'm trying to get into the swing of posting again.. Anyway, here is a bunch of interesting online junk I found.

A. WhoAt is an Online Cummunity that lets you connect to people who have simular interests as you in real time. You can tell it where you are from any web ready cell phone and it will tell you if there are people with your intrests local to you. Unfourtuantly, it seems they have not yet reached Milwaukee..

B. Billy Corgan is back to blogging once again. But this time he is useing the mega hip My Space. I've also added an RSS Feed of his My Space blog to Live Journal. You can add his journal to your Live Journal Friends List By Going Here.

C. Upcomming has me wishing I was a billionare with a privet jet and nothing to do. Seriously, after looking at this site for ten miniuts you will never be able to say the word bored.. You'll just have to say broke instead.

D. So, Would you hit this?

E. Some of my latest Music obsessions: Ladytron (New Album), if_then_else, Goldfrapp(New Album).

Thats all I have the energy to muster for now.. Sleep Now.

Current Mood: sleepy
Current Music: if_then_else - You

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Goldfrapp will be dropping there new album in about a month. Good news for Goldfrapp obsessed folks such as my self. Anyway, here is there latest release Yes Sir [MP3] to give you a taste of the new album.

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Current Music: Goldfrapp - Yes Sir

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Bald never looked so cool.

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Current Music: Ok Go - A Millions Ways

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No, I am not depressed.. And I am not, necessarily, angry with you.. I have merely developed an inner monologue.

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Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall

Current Mood: Irrestistible Bliss
Current Music: Soul Coughing

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I feel alive again. Tackling all the around the house projects I was avoiding out of pure lack of energy. It's funny how doing more gives me more energy. And this weekend I did it all and then some. But the best part of my doings is it wasn't the same old thing. It was all fresh and new for me.

Friday, after waking up from my Coden induced nap feeling 100 times better, I fumbled out to pick up the Megan for some summer shinannagains. We started the night off at Bucketworks third annual grand opening celebration. Belly Dancers, Phtography Galleries, and a Thing Factory.. Megans favorite was this painting. I feel in love with these pillows [zoom].. I'm not quite sure what the back story is for the painting.. But the pillows were made of the clothing from a resent widow's late husband's suicide. When I read the small paragraph explaining the story of the woman and her husband I nearly cried.

After playing with some Legos and eating some Pizza we took off. I love the idea behind bucket works, It's like a Kindergarten for adults.. They have a Zine Creation Station,Free Internet, and plenty of other work stations. I'd love to become a member but unfortunately there hours of operation are the same as my work schedule.

Moving along.. We went out to meet up with Brian for some after art brew at Fat Daddy's. After a few pitchers and some good conversation we started a game of Volleyball. I've never played Volleyball before in my life, but I think I held my own. We had to call the night over a little early because we both had work the next morning.

After I thought Friday was going to be as good as it gets.. Saturday me and the Kristy Lady went out to Cedarburg to visit my Grandma and go to the Strawberry Festival. The festival was filled to the brim with strawberry goodness.. Then we finished the night out at Grandmas with a Leftover Surprise Dinner. Nothing Beats home made foods.

Life is good.

Current Mood: refreshed
Current Music: Blackalicious - Reanimation

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Sorry I haven't posted a real post in a bit, but here is my last 48 hours or so in a nut shell..

I canceled my Annual Birthday Bash this year to go camping all by my lonesome. But due to ill planning I ended up "camping" in the woods behind my house and pretending my pool was a lake. Good times.

So in good nature, the Cream City Queens invited me out for a little camping redo. We ventured out to some camp site out in the middle of Bumfuck by, what we can only imagine would be, Lake Bumfuck. It turned out to be less of a camp ground and more of a surreal gypsy shanty seen. The grounds were packed and chuck full of mullet goodness.

As it turned out this was a sort of annual family get together for a family that I have never met one member of. Isn't that fun. So here I am.. Eating there food, drinking there beer, and soiling there grounds feeling dastardly uncomfortably. But I got friendly with the locals, made the best of it, and made it through the night.

Got up, got breakfast, and got out. After a nap of course.

After three hours of lostdom I found my self in the middle of Cedarburg. This is were my favorite person in the hole world lives, my dear grandma. This is also where the greatest butcher in all the land, Hoffmann's Market, calls home as well. So I picked up some soft garlic summer sausage and headed over to grandmas house.

After grandma finished stuffing me full of various culinary delights and stories of how the hole family is falling apart I went on home to write this journal entry. The end.

P.S. I also made a little friend. Not the fish, the little girl.

Current Mood: home
Current Music: Flogging Molly - What's Left of the Flag

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